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A Passion for Journalism

I’m a bilingual (English & Spanish) two-time Emmy award-winning journalist. I have a strong passion for news, I believe it gives me the opportunity to serve my community.

I was born and raised in Boston and my parents were born in Honduras -- so I grew up with a strong Honduran influence in my household.

I realized at an early age that I was meant to serve and help others. Up until my freshman year of college I was sure that I wanted to be an immigration lawyer. I was a debater in high school and I always liked advocating for others. However, I realized that I could still help and advocate for others, but through a different profession.

That is why I knew clearly that journalism was for me. I'm an outgoing person, I love to meet new people and travel. Journalism gives me the opportunity to see new places and learn about different people and cultures. Through journalism, I have been able to travel the world and report on cultural aspects, as well as serious news. Journalism gives me the authority to question those in power and hold them accountable and be the voice for those who don't have one.

Bio: About Me
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